' Rubaroo: Nurturing Stories for Social Change


Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time out to visit our website and read about our work.

Rubaroo is a non-profit organization and as we grow each year - with more numbers of young people becoming part of the Rubaroo community, we are in the process of becoming a Youth Resource Center for participants of our programmes, and youth in Hyderabad.

As a shared space and as an organization, we hold the values of sharing through optimum use of resources. We believe in recycling and upcycling resources such as furniture, electronics, books etc. which are conscious choices to reduce our carbon footprint and support the environment. We also intend to build a culture of buying less and consuming less and therefore encourage you not to buy new resources for us should you wish to support us. We would be very happy to accept any pre-loved resources that may be useful to us.

Some of the ways in which you could support us, are by contributing to the following:

Office Administration

Rubaroo is expanding not just through its programmes and outreach with young people, but also its team, office, and administrative space. We are constantly looking out for resources to support office administration and programme implementation. We would be happy to accept any and everything that would contribute to the smoother functioning of our office including old furniture - tables, white boards, soft boards, laptops, projectors, other electronics, office-kitchen, or office supplies.

Youth Resource Center

Rubaroo is in the process of setting up a resource center where young people can read, watch movies, share ideas and perspectives, and build a collective knowledge pool. For this, our library is a space with books, magazines, journals, CDs and DVDs of movies, literature, usic, and any cultural or art form from various genres including fiction, non fiction, academic, training modules and research books, as well as material relevant to some of the core issues we work on such as gender, youth work, leadership, interfaith, identity, identity politics, and such. This resource center would be accessible and free for all the youth who engage with Rubaroo and its programmes as well as for the Rubaroo team and our pool of facilitators.

Financial Contribution

Should you be keen to support young people and individuals through our many programmes, or support the organisation in it’s growth, and see value in the work we are doing, we would be happy to accept financial contributions as well. We currently accept contributions and transactions through Indian bank accounts only. Rubaroo is registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001, No: 1371 of 2014 and has been granted 12A and 80G under the Income Tax Exemption.