' Rubaroo: Nurturing Stories for Social Change

Rubaroo - simply meaning to come face to face, with myself, society and issues around me, which include - my choices, my values, my fears, and everything that becomes a part of my identity. It is a space, which nurtures potential to challenge and breakaway from the conditioning of society but also a space that gives one the freedom to choose consciously, question, and learn to be.

Taking from this meaning, Rubaroo aims to be an organization where adolescents and young people are empowered to co-create a space to understand their 'Self' better, understand issues in society and take action. A space that inspires them to nourish relationships, and become socially conscious leaders in their own capacity.

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At Rubaroo, we aim to create a world which is empathetic and inclusive. We believe that change begins by finding, co-creating, and nurturing ‘spaces’ where individuals are enabled to challenge and question all that they have known or have been told by others, about themselves and the world around them. It is important to do so, because only by breaking down their own ‘stories’, and challenging themselves, can they unleash within them the leadership to become socially conscious decision makers.


We’re a team of Instructional Designers and Facilitators. Our skills lie in co-designing and contextualizing programmes, in partnership with institutions. We analyse and sense participant groups, while focussing on the vision and purpose of our programmes continuously. Our facilitators become mentors to young people who inspire them, by living and driving the values home consistently. Inclusion and empathy are values that can only be lived when practised everyday, as do our team of facilitators.


We believe learning happens in our interaction with the world. At Rubaroo, we facilitate this experiential-learning to become meaningful, in our interactions with young people. For us, the ‘world’ could mean - any 'other' gender, caste, religion, or diverse identities, with whom we may not have had the opportunity to interact, understand, be friends with, or learn from. These inclusive spaces are where young people often come together to learn, have fun, take action, and become proactive participants in their communities; by coming face to face with themselves and the world around them.

Issues & Programmes

Youth having a conversation

Through the Gender thematic, we break down the basics, to analyze how we may knowingly or unknowingly conform to the many gender norms. Our focus with this, is to facilitate Gender issues across the spectrum through a non-threatening approach, while understanding other social issues through the context of Gender.

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School boys participating in a workshop
Adolescent Programmes

Our work with adolescents, focuses on leadership journeys in school spaces where our diverse programmes offer an opportunity of integrating life skills within existing curricula. Some of our adolescent programmes have been - My Life-Mere Faisle (On Gender, Early and Child Marriage), Keeping the Faith (On Interfaith), and Empowering Young Global Citizens (Community Exposures).

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Youth holding posters

Rubaroo works on the theme of Interfaith by facilitating a platform for conversation. In this fast-moving current world, where conflict and discrimination are perpetuated through so many sources, decoding 'faith' while challenging stereotypes and misconceptions about 'others' is imperative. Our Interfaith work celebrates diversity to promote community cohesion.

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Team Rubaroo during a campaign

Rubaroo’s advocates on issues affecting young people and inclusion through many campaigns that they are a part of, in solidarity. Our model of campaigns are also participatory where individuals come in to learn about how relevant issues impact personal lives and the stances that we need to take to facilitate change around us.

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Youth participating in activity
Youth Development

This thematic encompasses every issue that adolescents and young people connect with, enabling an environment where they learn about themselves in the context of social issues, and the world that they are a part of. Young People are able to learn about their many identities and the role that these identities play in social inclusion.

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Teacher's participating in activity
Nurturer Programmes

Rubaroo works with teachers, institutional communities, and with stakeholders of young people to equip them in working with adolescents and youth. Our teacher training programmes focus on varied thematics in classroom spaces - Gender, Classroom Management, and Facilitation, among many others.

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