Nurturer Programmes

Teachers workshop on Self-Awareness

Teachers working on self-reflection during their Induction Training

Teachers sharing a light moment during workshop

Rubaroo works with stakeholders that influence young people, to enable an ecosystem of caregivers and nurturers. Over the last 4 years, along with influencing and impacting young people’s lives, we have also worked with Teachers, Staff, and Managements in schools, that play important roles in an adolescent's life.

Rubaroo has developed the curriculum for ‘Self Understanding’, Year I and Year II, for the Diploma in Elementary Education course, a Telugu Akademi publication. This curriculum is currently being rolled out with more than 15000 students each year across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Some of the thematics for Teacher Trainings that we hold our expertise in, are:
• Gender - Norms, practices, and differentiation within classroom spaces
• Self Awareness - Journey of a teacher from Adolescent to Facilitator
• Classroom Management - Working with varied learners, learning styles, and group dynamics
• Facilitation - Subtleties of teaching versus facilitation, our purpose in a student’s life
• Instructional Design - Designing curricula, integrating life skills, and experiential learning methodologies
• Communication - Engaging with conflict, empathy, and relationships with varied systemic stakeholders
• Community Building - Team building for Teachers by sharing personal journeys, strengthening bonds & relationships to seek support with each other.

Past experience

Rubaroo has worked with diverse institutions and incorporated these programmes either within Teacher Induction spaces, Faculty Development Programmes, or as Teacher Training capsules based on institutional requirements.

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